The Intake

Our process starts with conducting a detailed job intake. We will sit with the hiring manager to gain a complete understanding of the position, the team, the department and how it all fits into the overall company structure. This is the most important part of our process. Understanding the purpose and expectations around the position we are trying to fill and the “culture” of the team surrounding this position is critical to identifying the right candidate. We know that a successful candidate is more than just their skills on paper – it is how those skills are best utilized to make an immediate impact on the team’s goals.


The Search

We have access to all major career outlets, user groups, alumni networks and job boards, but the key to our success is leveraging the long-standing relationships we have formed in the talent community. We have key relationships in virtually every major skill-set across the Information Technology spectrum. We are consistently nurturing this referral network to identify the “hidden talent” and passive candidates. We take the service we provide to our candidates very seriously. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that we keep a pulse on our networks to really evaluate the career progressions and motivations of these candidates and provide them with the best opportunities that match their career goals.


The Screening

Each candidate in our network goes through an in depth screening process by our recruiting team. We spend a lot of time drilling down into the candidate’s background, examining their career progression and assessing their career path forward. The most critical part of our screening process is the Behavioral Interview. Determining what type of management style best suits the candidate, what type of work environment fosters success with the candidate, how they best interact with team members, what motivates them to come to work each day… all of these points need to align with the information gained in the Job Intake for a match to be made.


The Presentation

It is only when we determine a match can be made, that we present the job opportunity to the candidate. We review the details of the day-to-day, expectations around the role, make-up of the team, challenges of the position and most importantly, how the position and the company will provide the career growth the candidate is seeking. With their permission, we then present the candidate to our client. We ensure that all the information on the resume is current and accurate and we share all of the notes we have taken during the screening process with the hiring manager. We go beyond just what is on the resume and outline the candidate’s strengths and motivations, what they are really looking for in an opportunity and why we feel they would be a good match. We also outline any potential weaknesses or issues we have uncovered during the screening phase to provide the hiring manager with potential areas to explore a bit deeper in their interview. There is no secret that we are in a candidate-driven market right now and good talent remains in high demand. Therefore we also outline where the candidate stands in their job search with other opportunities to give a clear picture of their timing.


The Facilitation

Spinnaker is very involved in every step of the interview process. Facilitating the scheduling, preparing the candidate with a detailed interview overview, conducting reference checks and applicable background checks are all part of the services we provide. Along the way, we conduct in-depth interview debriefs with the candidate and the interview team to make sure the relationship is progressing in the right direction. When a candidate is selected for hire, we play an integral part in negotiating the offer and facilitating the on boarding of the candidate.


The Follow-Through

Our work does not stop on the candidate’s first day of employment. We stay in close contact with every new hire, debriefing after the first day, the first week, the first month and the first quarter, to ensure that all expectations are being met. We probe for any concerns or potential issues so they can be addressed early on to allow a long-term relationship to be formed. Our mission at Spinnaker is not simply to fill a position, but to grow and enhance the quality of the companies we partner with.