We are in business to raise the bar for the Professional Search Industry and redefine what it means to be a true Recruiting Partner. Through the relationships we build and the connections we create, we will exceed expectations in all that we do.


Spinnaker Search Group is a solution-oriented search firm dedicated to cultivating meaningful relationships that grow companies and advance careers. We strive to provide value in every interaction and are driven to be viewed as a trusted recruiting partner to our clients and a career advisor to the communities we serve. Our team is committed to constant improvement and fueled by our desire to exceed expectations in all that we do.

Relationship First, Be Uncommon, & Be Intentional

Whether you are hiring a full-time employee, bringing on a temporary worker, or looking to build out an entire department, there is a certain inherent risk of the “unknown”. Spinnaker helps to navigate that risk by investing the time to fully and honestly evaluate the candidates and clients we represent. It is not until we completely understand the needs of our clients and the motivations of our candidates do we attempt to match up the two. Once we feel a compatible match can be made, we apply all due diligence conducted during the screening stage to provide an efficient and streamlined hiring process.

Spinnaker was formed in January of 2012 to create a very different approach to the Staffing Agency model. With experience working at both large and small agencies over the years, the one common grievance that the Founders all shared was that the bigger a company got, the more the service became about “numbers” instead of the quality of the relationships they set out to create. It is this focus on the core principle of relationship building that sets Spinnaker apart from the rest.


Relationship First

Approach every interaction and conversation with the primary focus of building a relationship. That is the foundation of our success. Aim to Provide Value in Every Interaction; resume advice, job search tips, interview tips, or providing a salary estimate and market research for a company. All are steps towards building the relationship.

Be Uncommon

The bar for the common recruiter is set unacceptably low. Act differently and set a high standard by exceeding expectations in all that we do.

Be Intentional

Maintain a high level of self-discipline to work with purpose and lead by example